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Top Notch Opportunity made easy

Dear Homeowner,

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Merle Andersen
Regional CEO

Sarah and the boys are busy packing our possessions into boxes for transport. Some will go into the hold of the ship and are marked 'Not Wanted on the Voyage'. Others, which contain clothes, blankets, cups, plates, forks and the like are marked 'Wanted on the Voyage'.I think you are right. It is a very long way to Australia and we may never return. Also, I think we will need all the money we can get to help us make a new life. Our train arrived in Liverpool today shortly after seven o'clock in the evening. Even at this hour it is as noisy, dirty and crowded as London, although I was much impressed by the buildings, docks and ships. We had been told to go straight to the offices of the line on which we would sail, but instead we wandered the streets, lost and tired. 

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