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Re: Status of KDE 3.4

On Thursday 31 March 2005 17:44, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Le Jeudi 31 Mars 2005 17:32, Ian Reinhart Geiser a écrit :

> > again was KDE even made aware of this?
> the point is, it's well known that in kde, if a change has to be done in
> a library, and that only a few apps use that library, there is a patch
> that change the library *and* preventely fix the apps too.

Ian's point was (I guess) that _any_ lirbrary which belongs to the public API 
of KDE cannot be allowed to break binary compatability and that the 
respective maintainer should be asked to revert the change.

> so one version of kde is coherent. but running bits of 3.4 on top of 3.3
> libs may break.

This way around is not guranteed, an application built agains 3.3 should be 
able to run on 3.4, of course applications using the 3.4 API might not work 
using 3.3

> OTOH, I'm not sure kde guys would like to help us that much... I fear

Hint: Ian _is_ one of the "kde guys" ;-)


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