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Bug#300614: kmail: deletes emails when manually applying a filter for all messages in inbox manually

severity 300614 important
retitle 300614 kmail crashes when filter applied manually on multiple mails


This bug is known by upstream, and they think it likely that it is fixed in 
KDE 3.4. However, they don't know exactly when or where the fix was 
committed, making backporting extremely difficult.

However, it is important to note that this is the first and only report of 
this problem that mentions data loss, and it seems likely that the data 
loss was related to the power-cycling of the box. The bug itself is merely 
a kmail lockup, and does not, insofar as the many other reporters of this 
problem have mentioned, cause data loss. Hence we are lowering the severity 
to important.

Of course, we (the Debian KDE team) will continue to watch this issue and if 
a solution becomes available, will ensure that it reaches Sarge.

Christopher Martin

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