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Bug#302029: Kcontrol in Sarge

Package: kcontrol

Hi :-)

I do not know, if it is KControl itself, or is it only problem with Debian Sarge package. In stable (Woody) KDE 2.2.2 I could choose font encoding for my language (Polish 2 alternatives) and languages of other users (English, Norwegian and Northern Saami). Then it was possible to choose encoding for UI from look&feel -> Fonts and from within many programs, as Kedit for example.

In Sarge all these multilingual alternatives possibilities are gone. Some translated programs have horribly looking menus. Many arguments for using Linux in multilingual environment seem, are not actual...
Perhaps it is my installation...

I miss these features and I can not find any instruction, how to get them without downgrading ...

Best greetings

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