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KDE_3_3_BRANCH: kdewebdev/debian

CVS commit by benb: 

Patch kmdr2po to work when installed; also add filename notes to the manpage.

  A            patches/kmdr-i18n.diff
  M +7 -0      kmdr2po.1

--- kdewebdev/debian/kmdr2po.1  #
@@ -29,5 +29,12 @@
 to create the corresponding PO-file.
+The final PO-file will be created in the current directory.  Its name
+will be derived from the dialog filename by replacing the suffix
+\fI.kmdr\fP with \fI.po\fP.
 This utility is part of the KDE web development module.
+A temporary file named \fI_from_rc.cc\fP in the current directory
+will be created and subsequently removed.
 .BR extrakmdr (1),

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