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Bug#301124: klaptopdaemon: feature request: "Lock desktop" as another Lid-Action

On Wednesday 23 March 2005 22:55, Tobias Geiger wrote:
> Package: klaptopdaemon
> Version: 4:3.4.0-0pre1
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi,
> i'd be great if there would be a "Lock down Desktop" - Option in
> Klaptopdaemon within the "Lid-Actions"
> Right now know problem to workaround this
> (small entry like "dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface lock" in
> /etc/acpi/actions/lm_lid.sh) but this requires ugly su - wrappers and is
> therefore only practical on a single-user-laptop ;)

If the script is run as root you could do
dcop --all-users --all-sessions


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