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Bug#280175: Current status of GPG in KMail


[Please let me on CC, I'm offlist.]

We still have no working GPG support for KMail in sarge, because there is no 
gpg-agent in main (Bug 280175 is still open for 4 months). 
We sould fix this, before sarge will be released, a forward is not the 
solution here.

A known solution is to get the newpg package from inofficial source, but this 
shouldn't be the final solution for sarge, should it? This security related 
program should come from the archive and be under the eyes of the security 
team, I think.

First way to get gnupg package >=1.9 ready for sarge seems not possible for 
the short term, but we can include a package which provide gpg-agent and 
gpgsm for sarge.
After gnupg is ready we could remove it.

Unfortunately the ITP #187548 for newpg was closed last summer.

KMail is widely used, so a release without GPG support will be suboptimal.

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