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Bug#293246: kppp: dependency on ppp

On February 2, 2005 08:36, Michail Bachmann wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 February 2005 14:11, Christopher Martin wrote:
> > Believe me, we get a ton of reports from new users whose packages
> > don't work because they didn't install the Recommends. But that's not
> > why I made kppp depend on ppp - I did it because it does depend on
> > ppp.
> If I may ask, what was the reason that until now it just recommended
> it? Maybe I filed the wrong bug for the wrong package version... ;-)

Good question. Possibly for the very reason you brought up, though that 
would not have been correct :)

> > By the rationale you are putting forward, packages depended on by a
> > metapackage should never have any dependencies at all, since of the
> > ~100 packages installed by the kde metapackage, you may only use 20,
> > yet would then be obliged to install un-needed dependencies for the
> > other 80. In short, package dependencies should not be affected the
> > presence of a metapackage.
> Yes you are right, I just did not thought about it that way.
> > I understand your concern, but the real problem is that metapackages
> > are a crude solution to a general problem. If you don't need one of
> > the packages installed by a metapackage, you could simply uninstall
> > the metapackage. Perhaps, though, a nicer solution would be for the
> > metapackages to only Recommend their packages - that way people could
> > customize their KDE installs without losing the metapackages, which
> > many seem not to want to do.
> >
> > Comments anyone?
> I like that idea very much. So the metapackages will be just a hint
> from the maintainers how a reasonable system using them could be set
> up. That way new users would just follow all recommendations, but
> advanced users could still configure their system to their needs.

Exactly. Current Depends would become Recommends, and the Recommends could 
become Suggests.

Christopher Martin

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