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Bug#292926: passwords are sometimes stored on harddisk and sometimes not

Package: knode
Version: 3.3.1-3

Following scenario: I use an NNTP server that requires authentication, so I 
entered a username and password in the knode setup. 

Now, when I close knode, I get a popup of the kwallet setup wizard. I don't 
want to use kwallet (to be honest, I haven't considered its use yet, and 
until I have evaluated it I'm not going to change) so I press ESC to cancel 
the wizard. This gives me the error-message
 | The wallet could not be opened. This error is most 
 | probably caused by providing a wrong password. 
which is pretty braindead in this context.

Next time I start knode, I can still access the server, so the authentication 
information is in fact stored somewhere. Now, when I close that instance, I 
don't get the kwallet dialog, it just exits.

However, now the password is not being stored anywhere, because the next time 
I open knode I have to reenter it. When I close that instance, I again get 
the kwallet dialog. 

The two states described above occur alternatingly and reproducibly.



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