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Bug#291239: KDM ignores host aliases in Xaccess

Package: kdm
Version: 3.3.1-4


KDM ignores host aliases of the form

%mylist		host-a host-b

*	CHOOSER	%mylist

in Xaccess file. It logs

Jan 19 15:00:26 dhcp kdm_config[12163]: Host "%mylist" not found


I think there is a typo in kdm_config.c:

In line 1010 of kdm/kfrontend/kdm_config.c we have

#define PARSE_NO_ALIAS  3

but I assume (not sure) it should be

#define PARSE_NO_ALIAS 4

(I tried it and now at least Xaccess parsing works as it should).


Running Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (testing)
Kernel 2.4.27-1-686-smp and libc-2.3.2.so



  Christoph Barbian

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