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Bug#290323: Run Command Dialog (Alt+F2) doesn't close sometimes

* Georg Prager [Thu, 13 Jan 2005 22:16:34 +0100]:
> >   yes, you're right. it's a problem with all games, which are in
> >   /usr/games instead of /usr/bin.

> It's not a problem with _all_ games! kwin4 or kgoldrunner are working for 
> example.

  uhm, nice. this may prove as useful information when we get to
  investigate. I don't have those games installed now, could you please
  check something for me?

    - in a konsole (or equivalent), execute one of the offending games
      (kpat, for instance). check that you don't get the shell prompt
      back until you exit the game. now execute kwin4: is the prompt
      back before exiting the game?


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