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Re: uploading kde-i18n to give time for NEW processing

* Noèl Köthe [Sun, 09 Jan 2005 14:24:56 +0100]:

> >   the version in people.d.o/~noel is targetted at unstable, not
> >   experimental, but since (a) it depends on kdelibs >= 3.3.1 (not
> >   3.3.2), and (b) it seems reasonable to expect 3.3.2 kde packages being
> >   uploaded before NEW processing happens, it seems like a safe bet to
> >   upload that.

> I have 2 reasons why I didn't upload kde-i18n:
> 1. want to have the kde packages in unstable in sync (same versions).

  yeah, reasonable.

> 2. want not to hit experimental with 422 MB.

  this too.

> NEW usually needs ca. one week so I diagree with your point (b).

  well, then our experiences differ. see e.g. kdepim, which was uploaded
  on Dec 17 and passed NEW yesterday.

  thanks for the follow-up.

Adeodato Simó
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