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Bug#248157: kdelibs: Bug still there


Am Samstag, 8. Januar 2005 18:15 schrieb Adeodato Simó:
>   uhm, I fail to reproduce. could you provide detailed instructions as
>   of how to reproduce? perhaps a couple of screenshots would be helpful,
>   too.

- Install kweather and kuickshow.
- Call "kuickshow /usr/share/apps/kweather".
 -> A file selection dialog appears with the images in the directory
 -> The first one is chosen by default.
- Pres the down cursor key
 -> The *third* image file is chosen, not the second one.
- press the down key several times 
 -> focus jumps over some of the images on it's way down.

I appended images before and after the first pressing of the down key, 
though they are not too exciting. :o)
Feel free to forward this mail to any person or mailing list that 
could be helpful.


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