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Bug#287566: KAccel handling causes mass konqueror segfaults on russian systems

forwarded 287566 http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=96621

> > And it crashes.
>   one of us was able to reproduce this, yes. thanks for the
>   instructions.
> > I'm duplicating suggested workaround here:
>   we are willing to include this patch in the next kdelibs upload (due
>   soon). who was this workaround suggested by? if it was some upstream
>   KDE developer, that is a plus: is there some mailing list discussion
>   available? is there an upstream bug in bugs.kde.org? how are they
>   going to fix it?

This workaround was suggested by me, and I'm not KDE developer.

We found that current KAccel code works only if XLookupString() returns 
latin character, so just I forced it to do so.

I'm already using packages with the fix applied for about 2 weeks on 
several computers. No more crashes, no related problems.

An interesting note is that the bug was not there in 3.2. Ctrl+W worked as 
expected in konqueror both in russian and english layout. But probably the 
situation was similar there, it just didn't cause a crash - I don't know.

We have not filed bug report to KDE after our debugging session, we just 
wrote to kde-devel. This probably was not a good idea, there was no reply. 
So I've submitted bug report to KDE today, it's #96621 there.

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