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Bug#263430: kaddprinterwizard stomps on cupsys defaults

On January 5, 2005 23:32, Stuart Prescott wrote:
> I can confirm that with the latest kdelibs-bin from sarge (4:3.3.1-4 0)
> that the group of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf is changed from lpadmin to sys
> upon changing anything in the print-server dialogue box with
> kaddprinterwizard.
> Additionally, kaddprinterwizard changes the DocumentRoot of the www
> interface to CUPS from the compiled-in default
> (/usr/share/cups/doc-root) to /usr/share/cups/doc,, breaking all the
> online help and all the images in the www admin interface (making it
> very hard to work out what is going on).

In the 3.3.2 packages in experimental, I noticed the doc-root change, and 
patched it, but I didn't notice the lpadmin --> sys change (and _really_ 
should have, given the age of this bug report). Are these the only two 
such problems, or should I look for others?

In any case, this should be fixed for the 3.3.2 upload to Sid. I'll look 
into a patch.

Christopher Martin

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