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Bug#274779: file conflicts in libsmokeqt1 libsmokeqt-dev libqt-perl

* Steve Langasek [Wed, 05 Jan 2005 03:00:48 -0800]:

> The proper solution here is probably to continue using the bundled smokeqt
> code on mips/mipsel, and build-depend on libsmokeqt-dev on the other
> architectures.  This is certain to last through the sarge timeframe, as
> fixing gij for mips(el) is a post-sarge task.

  as commented on irc, if kdebindings gets removed from dep-wait mode
  (the existing version build-depends: gij/gcj [!mipsen]), it may be
  successfully built with another upload. or to manually build
  kdebindings, if RMs approve and someone with mipsen hardware is
  willing to help.

  anyway, your proposed solution seems the most strightforward path, but 
  we need to check that doing so really produces working libqt-perl
  packages (I could check rebuilding the pre-NMU libqt-perl version on
  i386 and see what happens).

  on a side note, there is some thought to be put on the libqt-perl <-->
  libsmokeqt{1,dev} packages in mipsen.

  thanks for looking into this,

Adeodato Simó
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