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Bug#288160: kdelibs4: Audio KDE System Notifications does not work in experimental

Alle 04:01, domenica 2 gennaio 2005, Adeodato Simó ha scritto:
> * Iacopo Spalletti [Sun, 02 Jan 2005 03:10:58 +0100]:
> > Since upgrading to kdelibs4 4:3.3.2-0pre1 audio system notifications does
> > not work anymore.
> > Arts is correctly configured with ALSA as all other audio applications
> > (kaffeine, amarok etc) work normally.
> > knotify and arts processes are active.
> > All other actions (visual notifications, logging etc) work as expected.
>   seems to work here, e.g. if I configure kopete to play a sound upon
>   receiving a message, it works.
>   can other people check whether it works for them or not?
>   Iacopo, I think it would be best if you describe the exact steps that
>   you follow, e.g. what application, what event, what sound... perhaps
>   we can have a look at it in the following days.
Weel, i should have done more troubleshooting before reporting the bug. I just 
deleted knotifyrc and killed knotify; at the first event knotify restarted 
and emitted the long awaited sound.
Maybe something wrong occurred during apt-get upgrade from kdelibs4 4:3.3.1? 
Seems so.


Iacopo Spalletti
i dot spalletti at iast dot it
PGP key block: http://www.nephila.it/pgp

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