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Bug#287822: kde-config --install html does not use ${datadir}

Package: kdelibs-bin
Severity: minor

  I have been made aware of this problem by irc:

12:14 <mornfall> dato: seems that kde-config returns wrong things...
12:14 <mornfall> m@sir:~ > /usr/bin/kde-config --install html
12:14 <mornfall> /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML
12:14 <mornfall> m@sir:~ > kde-config --install html
12:14 <mornfall> ${datadir}/doc/HTML
12:14 <mornfall> (the latter one is /opt/kde-head one)

12:15 <dato> mornfall: what's the real problem, the extra "kde/" bit or the+fact that ${datadir} is not used (and it's hardcoded, instead)
12:16 <mornfall> dato: that datadir is not used
12:16 <mornfall> dato: kde is all right
12:16 <mornfall> dato: but with --prefix other than /usr, it breaks anything+that relies on kde-config for paths
12:16 <dato> yeah
12:16 <ita> compare kde-config --install html and kde-config --expandvars --+install html

12:17 <dato> then I guess that the patch is broken
12:17 <mornfall> most probably
12:17 <dato> (shouldn't smash vars)
12:17 <dato> so, if fixed, ${datadir}/doc/kde/HTML should be the output
12:18 <mornfall> dato: yes, most probably
12:18 <dato> ok

  so, it's ok to have paths conform to debian policy, but this shouldn't
  break other setups.

Adeodato Simó
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