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Bug#250094: ksim: almost useless description

* Andreas Mohr [Thu, 20 May 2004 21:56:39 +0200]:

> I'd assume that by now everyone knows what KDE is...
> Instead of wasting TWO THIRDS (4 out of 6 lines) on useless information,
> what about actually telling in detail what ksim is??
> A "system information monitor". Yeah, sure, there are thousands of s.i.m.s.
> Now why should that one be special enough for me to actually care enough
> to install it? ;-)

  yeah, we now about it, but as we are pretty much lack the time to do
  it all ourselves, we encourage users to help us improving the
  situation by sending us a proposed description (see [1]). if each
  user submits one, workload is shared.

    [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2004/11/msg00093.html

  thanks for considering.

> A template for an actually USEFUL description could be:

> ---
> Description: System information monitor for KDE, plugin-based
>  KSim is a plugin-based system information monitor.
>  It has the following features:
>  - xxx
>  - yyy
>  Some plugins you may find useful: XXX (doing aaa), YYY (doing bbb),
>  ZZZ (doing ccc), ...

>  This package is part of the official KDE utils module.
> ---

> Thanks for correcting this admittedly not too important issue,
> this will contribute to making Debian excellent in every aspect!

> Andreas Mohr

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