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Bug#275869: Tricky solution


I had the same exactly the same problem, and I just found a solution
(perhaps not universal, but can help surely)

I firts tried to fool KDE by copying /usr/lib/kde3/kcm_arts.la to
/usr/lib/kde3/libkcm_arts.la and the same thing for the kcm_arts.so
 When I lauched "kcmshell arts" after this trick, it don't works either
... but the error message was totally different !!
 It was speaking about a problem with "libGL.so" ...
 In fact I had a bad version of OpenGL, an old locally installed
 I removed it and reinstalled the last version (1.0.5336) for my Debian
 and ... it works !!!!

(to confirm it, I removed my "pseudo" libkcm_arts.* , and it works the
 So, perhaps you have a different problem (an other lib than GL missing
or too old) but the little trick (renaming kcm_arts.*) could help you to
have a better diagnostic.
 Very strange isn't it ?
Renaud Duhaut <rd@duhaut.com>

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