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Bug#272439: juk: segfaults on drag-n-drop

tag 272439 unreproducible moreinfo
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* Stephen Gran [Sun, 19 Sep 2004 22:25:44 -0400]:

> Hello all,


> When using juk, it appears that files are drag-n-droppable between
> playlists, and that sort of thing.  Doing so, gets an iconic
> represenatation of the action about to happen, but the juk segfaults
> before completing any action.

> The last lines of output when run from the console are:
> TagLib: MPEG::Header::parse() -- Invalid sample rate.
> juk: ERROR: Couldn't resolve the mime type of "" -- this shouldn't happen.
> KCrash: Application 'juk' crashing...

> Let me know if you need more information, and thanks,

  I can't reproduce this with juk 3.3.1. does it still happen to you? if
  so, please provide detailed instructions to reproduce. if not, please
  tell us too so that we can close the bug.


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