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Bug#284985: kdepim needs rebuild without gnokii support

Quoting Daniel Schepler <schepler@math.berkeley.edu>:   
> I'll look into this. Any upload should also address the issue of   
> kmail taking too long to build on some archs and timing out the   
> buildd's. Any suggestions on that? (I think that possibly what's   
> going on is that the build uses too much virtual memory and starts   
> thrashing, but I'm not sure whether building those one at a time will   
> help at all.) 
OK. I'm building a package that will also include the IMAP fix posted  
earlier. It will be uploaded late tonight or tomorrow at  
http://chrsmrtn.freeshell.org/kde, for the purpose of facilitating user  
feedback on the patch. It would be great if you could look at it as 
BTW, if gnokii support goes, is there any need for libbluetooth in the  
build-deps? It doesn't seem to get used without gnokii, but I wanted to  
check before taking it out as well. 
Christopher Martin 

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