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Bug#183702: Update and some tests on the kdelibs upgrade problem

reassign 183702 kde
stop here

* Frank Lichtenheld [Wed, 01 Dec 2004 14:30:11 +0100]:

> Hmm, quite true, didn't thought of this. Only providing a kdelibs3-bin
> transitional package might work, though, since all packages that depends
> on kdelibs3-bin also depends on kdelibs3 (or are kdelibs3). Need to test
> that, though.
  just a follow-up. according to Frank's further testing [1], a
  kdelibs3-bin dummy package will do for apt-get, but only if apt-get
  itself is upgraded first to sarge's version.

    [1] http://release.debian.org/kde-upgrade.txt

  some member of the KDE Team will make an upload of meta-kde that will
  include a dummy kdelibs3-bin package (*). I'm reassigning accordingly.

    (*) in fact, we shouldn't wait too much since it'll need NEW

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