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Bug#281705: Solution.

On December 11, 2004 14:06, Tom Albers wrote:
> The KMail-team has worked to solve this bug. Attached is a patch which
> should be applied on top of the debian patches.
> It would be great if someone could test this.
> If it works maybe this can be included in 3.3.2, which is already
> tagged in cvs, but, as we just discovered, will contain this bug.

Thanks for the report.

This is a very nasty bug, so if anyone can test this patch (it's tiny) 
against the current kdepim package in Sid, and confirm that it works (I 
don't use IMAP myself), I'd be tempted to add it to the pending kdepim 
upload, unless of course a KDE team member objects.

Christopher Martin

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