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Bug#266760: this is a bug in arts and therefore affects sarge, too

reassign 266760 arts
tags 266760 - sid
tags 266760 + upstream
forwarded 266760 86426@bugs.kde.org

I am reassigning this bug to arts, as it seems it is obviously a bug in arts 
(or a bug in kernel 2.4 or X that arts somehow triggers).  In addition this 
is an unresolved upstream bug (see 88401 in addition to 86426).

Known workarounds:
- use kernel 2.6
- use OSS rather than ALSA
- do not set arts to use realtime priority
- do not associate a soud with "KDE is exiting"
- add a "sleep 10" before "kdeinit_shutdown" in /usr/bin/startkde
- issue "killall artsd" from a terminal (or konsole) immediately before 
shutting down.


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