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Bug#276586: kopete: depends on libgtk1.2 (via xmms)

Alle 00:04, venerdì 15 ottobre 2004, Tobias Hunger ha scritto:

> I am trying to finally remove gtk < 2 from my systems. kopete depends on
> this through xmms. Could you suggest xmms only, instead of depending on it?

Xmms is there because kopete's "now listening" plugin, in the same package as 
kopete itself,  actually requires it. There are two solutions (yes, I want 
gtk1.2 out of my system as well): one is to split the plugin into a different 
package so you can purge it without losing kopete, the other is to disable it 
altogether. I implemented a package split in a patch attached to bug #271880, 
however no one from the kde packaging team has commented about it yet.
The patch has been working without problems since I submitted the bug but, as 
far as I know, I've been the only one using it, so I'm not sure about its 



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