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Bug#275171: konqueror: Please include "kecko" Gecko layout engine

El Miércoles, 6 de Octubre de 2004 16:30, ivan-debian@420.am escribió:
> On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 04:07:27PM +0200, Alejandro Exojo wrote:
> > El Mi?rcoles, 6 de Octubre de 2004 14:21, ivan-debian@420.am escribi?:
> > > http://dot.kde.org/1094924433
> >
> > If you read the story, you will see that this code relies on Mozilla's
> > repository, and that is yet unreleased.
> Yes, I know.

Then why you fill a bugreport against konqueror? (Source: kdebase)

> > I'm closing this bug because it's invalid.
> This statement does not follow from the previous ones.
> This is certainly a valid wishlist bug.  Please do not close it until
> the feature is implemented, presumably after upstreams have made
> releases with the necessary code.

I closed it because the wishlist is "package kecko", but "kecko" is an 
unreleased software, that maybe never sees the light (like the other gecko 
port that existed), and that doesn't have any relation with kdebase.

> If you don't plan to implement the feature even when it is available
> upstream, leave it open and tag it wontfix.

Maybe the best solution is reassign it to wnpp and retitle it as a RFP bug. 
Then, if someone wants to package it, it's his/her decision. 

I _think_ is invalid because this software is unreleased, but I'm 99% sure 
that this isn't a valid wishlist bug _agaisnt konqueror_.

I will not close/change it again, because I don't want to play ping-pong using 
the Debian BTS.

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