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Bug#275098: Konqueror won't display JPEG thumbnails

Package: konqueror
Version: 3.2.2-1

konqueror no longer displays thumbnails of JPEGs for me.

Other file types, including PNG and MPEG, GIF still work.

I've checked the following things so far:
 * I'm using 'icon view'
 * View->Previews->Show previews is on
 * View->Previews->Images is ticked
 * In 'Previews & Meta-Data', 'Local Protocols' is ticked; so is
 * Maximum file size is 1MB, my images are around the 300KB mark
   (increasing the maximum file size to 100MB makes no difference)
 * The files are recognized as 'JPEG Image'
 * ~/.thumbnails exists and is writable
 * I can't see any relevant errors in konqueror's output or
 * djpeg from libjpeg-progs 6b-9 can process the affected images
 * so can display from imagemagick
 * so can gimp 2.0.4-1

The images I spotted this on first are from my camera, and previously
Konqueror got on fine with them.  Other JPEGs seem to be affected too
(but I've not checked every possible JPEG!)

lyonesse$ dpkg -l k\*|grep ^i
ii  kaboodle       3.2.2-1        Embedded media player for KDE
ii  kaddressbook   3.2.2-2        KDE NG addressbook application
ii  kaddressbook-p 3.2.3-2        plugins for Kaddressbook, the KDE address bo
ii  kamera         3.2.3-1.1      digital camera io_slave for Konquerer
ii  kappfinder     3.2.2-1        KDE Application Finder
ii  kate           3.2.2-1        KDE Advanced Text Editor
ii  kate-plugins   3.2.3-2        plugins for Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Edit
ii  kaudiocreator  3.2.2-1        CD ripper and audio encoder frontend
ii  kcachegrind    3.2.3-2        visualisation tool for valgrind profiling ou
ii  kcmlinuz       3.2.2-1        KDE Frontend for the Linux kernel configurat
ii  kcoloredit     3.2.3-1.1      An editor for palette files
ii  kcontrol       3.2.2-1        KDE Control Center
ii  kdeaddons      3.2.3-2        add-on plugins and applets provided with KDE
ii  kdeaddons-kfil 3.2.3-2        KDE file dialog plugins for text files and f
ii  kdeadmin-kfile 3.2.2-1        KDE File dialog plugins for deb and rpm file
ii  kdebase        3.2.2-1        KDE Base metapackage
ii  kdebase-bin    3.2.2-1        KDE Base (binaries)
ii  kdebase-data   3.2.2-1        KDE Base (shared data)
ii  kdebase-kio-pl 3.2.2-1        KDE I/O Slaves
ii  kdegraphics    3.2.3-1.1      KDE Graphics metapackage
ii  kdegraphics-kf 3.2.3-1.1      provide meta information for graphic files
ii  kdelibs        3.2.3-2        KDE core libraries metapackage
ii  kdelibs-bin    3.2.3-2        KDE core binaries
ii  kdelibs-data   3.2.3-2        KDE core shared data
ii  kdelibs4       3.2.3-2        KDE core libraries
ii  kdemultimedia  3.2.2-1        KDE Multimedia metapackage
ii  kdemultimedia- 3.2.2-1        au/avi/m3u/mp3/ogg/wav plugins for kfile
ii  kdemultimedia- 3.2.2-1        Support for browsing audio CDs under Konquer
ii  kdeprint       3.2.2-1        KDE Print
ii  kdesktop       3.2.2-1        KDE Desktop
ii  kdvi           3.2.3-1.1      KDE dvi viewer
ii  kernel-headers 2002.12.11     Header files related to Linux kernel version
ii  kernel-image-2 2004.04.17     Linux kernel binary image for version 2.4.26
ii  kernel-image-2 2004.05.10     Linux kernel binary image for version 2.6.6.
ii  kernel-image-2 2004.07.30.1   Linux kernel binary image for version 2.6.7.
ii  kernel-package 8.094          A utility for building Linux kernel related
ii  kernel-patch-d 2.6.5-4        Debian patches to Linux 2.6.5
ii  kfax           3.2.3-1.1      KDE G3/G4 Fax Viewer
ii  kfind          3.2.2-1        KDE File Find Utility
ii  kgamma         3.2.3-1.1      Gamma correction KControl module
ii  kghostview     3.2.3-1.1      PostScript viewer for KDE
ii  khelpcenter    3.2.2-1        KDE Help Center
ii  kicker         3.2.2-1        KDE Desktop Panel
ii  kicker-applets 3.2.3-2        applets for Kicker, the KDE panel
ii  kiconedit      3.2.3-1.1      An icon editor for creating KDE icons
ii  klipper        3.2.2-1        KDE Clipboard
ii  klogd          1.4.1-15       Kernel Logging Daemon
ii  kmail          3.2.2-2        KDE Email client
ii  kmenuedit      3.2.2-1        KDE Menu Editor
ii  kmid           3.2.2-1        midi/karaoke player for KDE
ii  kmix           3.2.2-1        KDE based mixer app
ii  kmrml          3.2.3-1.1      A Konqueror plugin for searching pictures
ii  knewsticker    3.2.2-1        KDE news ticker
ii  knewsticker-sc 3.2.3-2        scripts for KNewsTicker, the KDE news ticker
ii  koffice-data   1.3.2-1.sarge. common shared data for the KDE Office Suite
ii  koffice-libs   1.3.2-1.sarge. common libraries and binaries for the KDE Of
ii  konq-plugins   3.2.3-2        plugins for Konqueror, the KDE file/web/doc
ii  konqueror      3.2.2-1        KDE's advanced File Manager, Web Browser and
ii  konqueror-nspl 3.2.2-1        Netscape plugin support for Konqueror
ii  konsole        3.2.2-1        KDE X terminal emulator
ii  kontact        3.2.2-2        KDE pim application
ii  kontact-plugin 3.2.3-2        plugins for Kontact, the KDE groupware clien
ii  konversation   0.14.0-3       user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clie
ii  kooka          3.2.3-1.1      Scanner program for KDE
ii  kpager         3.2.2-1        KDE Desktop Pager
ii  kpaint         3.2.3-1.1      A Simple Paint Program for KDE
ii  kpdf           3.2.3-1.1      PDF viewer for KDE
ii  kpersonalizer  3.2.2-1        KDE Personalizer
ii  kpovmodeler    3.2.3-1.1      A graphical editor for povray scenes
ii  krec           3.2.2-1        KDE based recorder app
ii  kruler         3.2.3-1.1      a screen ruler and color measurement tool fo
ii  kscd           3.2.2-1        KDE based cd player
ii  ksig           3.2.3-2        graphical tool for managing multiple email s
ii  ksirc          3.2.2-1        KDE IRC client
ii  ksmserver      3.2.2-1        KDE Session Manager
ii  ksnapshot      3.2.3-1.1      Screenshot application for KDE
ii  ksplash        3.2.2-1        KDE Splash Screen
ii  ksvg           3.2.3-1.1      SVG viewer for KDE
ii  ksysguard      3.2.2-1        KDE System Guard
ii  ksysguardd     3.2.2-1        KDE System Guard Daemon
ii  ktip           3.2.2-1        Kandalf's Useful Tips
ii  ktnef          3.2.2-2        KDE TNEF viewer
ii  kuickshow      3.2.3-1.1      KDE image/slideshow viewer
ii  kview          3.2.3-1.1      KDE simple image viewer/converter
ii  kviewshell     3.2.3-1.1      KDE generic framework for viewer application
ii  kvim           6.3-013+2      Vi IMproved - KDE 3.x version
ii  kwin           3.2.2-1        KDE Window Manager
ii  kword          1.3.2-1.sarge. a word processor for the KDE Office Suite
lyonesse$ dpkg -l \*jpeg\*|grep ^i
ii  avifile-mjpeg- MJPEG video plugin
ii  jpeginfo       1.6.0-1        Prints information and tests integrity of JP
ii  libjpeg-progs  6b-9           Programs for manipulating JPEG files
ii  libjpeg62      6b-9           The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime li
ii  libjpeg62-dev  6b-9           Development files for the IJG JPEG library

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