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Bug#263851: kdebase should conflict with earlier versions of kde-i18n

* Eduardo Trápani [Tue, 05 Oct 2004 08:47:07 -0200]:

> >  I, er, fail to see how this was possible unless you did the upgrade by
> >  hand or the kde-i18n-$LANG package was not in your Packages file.

> I did: apt-get install kde3 and then apt-get upgrade.  'testing' is my 
> default.  Nothing should break by following those two steps, right?

  dist-upgrade is usually better for this scenarios.

> >>I'm not sure if kdebase should be the one to conflict with kde-i18n,
> >>but some package certainly should.
> >  dist-upgrading should take care of it alone. I'm closing this bug, if
> >  you have any information which shows there is a real problem, please
> >  write back.

> Well, I don't understand why a simple 'install' and 'upgrade' cannot take 
> care of that through dependencies.

> To make it short, does the current package dependencies allow a kde-i18n-xx 
> 2.2.2 and a kde-core or kdebase 4:3.2.2 to coexist? (they do coexist in my 
> host and apt-get does not complain)

  it is allowed, IIRC. the thing is that if an updated kde-i18n-$LANG
  package is avilable, your dist-upgrade should pull in it too...

> If yes, then I *think* there is a problem, because they don't work 
> together.  But if you say everything is alright ... so be it, go ahead and 
> keep the bug closed.  I was just trying to point out a problem that could 
> really bother users, because the whole kde system starts speaking english 
> no matter what.

  what I am trying to do first is *understand* why did you have such
  problem, when it works for most people. can you think of any reasons
  for which apt-get didn't upgrade kde-i18n-$LANG? (perhaps it was
  caused by using upgrade instead of dist-upgrade, but I can't tell).

  adding a Conflicts could be an option, but I think it's late in the
  release cycle to try to do that. and, in any case, we really need to
  check first if there indeed exists a problem.

  thanks for your patience,

Adeodato Simó
    EM: asp16 [ykwim] alu.ua.es | PK: DA6AE621
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