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Bug#265322: DCOP-Server: Running a KDE program as root causes the next start of KDE to fail

* Holger Wansing [Thu, 30 Sep 2004 19:42:38 +0200]:

> I'm sorry, but I'm running testing; so I'm unable to upgrade to 3.3.0-2


> But: When I do the same as you did (open a shell as user, su to root and
>      then execute iceauth), I get 

> root@laptop:/home/ted# iceauth
> Using authority file /root/.ICEauthority

  I see.

> So, this is not a sign for the bug beeing fixed.
> You have to start a kde-prog (for example kuser) as root, close it and
> then look for the owner of .ICEauthority file. It has to be <user>, not
> root. If the owner is still <user>, the bug is fixed.

  I did that too, not only the iceauth thing, and the owner was $USER
  after closing the program.

  so, are you telling me that the problem still exists in testing, even
  though the iceauth thing above? please confirm. also, note that there
  is an updated kdelibs package in testing-proposed-updates
  (3.2.3-3.sarge.2), which you may upgrade to.


Adeodato Simó
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