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Bug#274256: noatun signals to shell that it has ended - but it hasn't...

Package: noatun
Version: 4:3.2.2-1

If I run the following script in bash:

--- script start ---

echo "1: This is shown before noatun starts."
echo $?
echo "2: This should be shown after noatun has ended."

exit 0
--- script end ---

Two strange things are happening:

1) The "echo #?"-line generates an output (exit value) of '0'
even though noatun is still running.

2) The "echo 2:.."-line is shown while noatun is running and
this behaviour is messing up my script. It doesn't follow
"typical" Linux behaviour.

I would like noatun to "pause" the script-execution, and the
script should resume when noatun has ended. Such "proper"
behaviour can be seen with other applications such as xmms and

Note: I'm using a IBM ThinkPad R40 with kernel 2.6.6 and bash


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