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Re: additional KDE programs

* Wolfgang Jeltsch [Wed, 29 Sep 2004 15:23:09 +0200]:

> Take for example K3b.  Version 0.11.16 has an important bugfix but isn't 
> installable under sarge because it depends on kdelibs4 >= 4:3.3.0.  Another 
> example is knoda.  knoda isn't even part of sarge and the sid version also 
> depends on kdelibs4 >= 4:3.3.0.

  the maintainers of such packages should take the appropriate action if
  they thing version in sarge should get some of sid's fixes.

  "appropriate action" is uploading to t-p-u, as it has been said in
  mails to debian-devel-announce.

  you may wish to contact individual maintainers to ask for their


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