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Bug#272140: request to remove kmilo from the list of kde dependencies

tags 272140 +upstream
tags 272140 +wontfix
severity 272140 wishlist

> kmilo is listed as one of the packages kde depends on. 
> Removing kmilo causes deinstallation of major part of kde.

It deinstalls only itself and kde/kdeutils metapackage. 
there is no functionality in kde/kdeutils packages, they are 
simply a convinience to get ALL of kde/kdeutils installed

> remove kmilo from list of packages kde depends on, 
> so that kmilo could be installed/deinstalled independently
> without causing problems with other kde dependencies.

kmilo is disabled by default, so if you have problems after
enabling it, you can just re-disable it and it should't 
cause any problems again.

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