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Bug#269132: Lots debian packages (wine, zapping, gst-plugins0.8, Qcad, etc.) can't enter to Sarge because of arts :(


There is a pretty big problem with arts (core sound system of KDE) -
many debian packages (wine, zapping, gst-plugins0.8, Qcad, zinf and lots
of kde packages) can't enter to Sarge because of arts :(

The problem is, that arts in unstable is at version 1.3.0 and has release
critical bug  #269132, named "arts 1.3 completely untested against kde 3.2"
and lots of packages, which don't need exactly this version (works fine 
with version from testing) can't enter to Sarge, because they are compiled 
with arts 1.3.0

The best solution would be if the packages in testing were compiled using
testing dev libraries (like libartsc0-dev), but current Debian politics 
doesn't allow this, so there always are lots of problems in situations like
this (especially in the middle of the release cycle)

So, I found 2 temporary solutions:
1. Allow to enter arts 1.3.0 into Sarge (look at the bugreport for more
info - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=269132 )
2. Downgrade arts in unstable to 1.2.3 and recompile all packages in
unstable, which depends on arts.

It would be great if developers decide ASAP, which solution is the best,
because Sarge will be released pretty soon and currently some packages in 
sarge are buggy and very outdated (for example zapping is one year old, 
version 0.68 in Sarge and this version still uses GTK1 and GNOME1 
libraries, while in unstable zapping is at version 0.70 ported to GTK2 
and GNOME2 libraries and upstream is already at 0.71; QCAD is 2 years old 
in Sarge, at version 1.54, while there is very improved version in unstable
- 2.0.3)

Good luck,
Mantas Kriaučiūnas <mantas@akl.lt>      Jabber ID: mantas@akl.lt
Public organization "Open Source for Lithuania" - www.akl.lt

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