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Bug#269265: patch for startkde

[sorry if this sounds harsh.  Not my day, I'm in a hurry
and need some sleep :(  All my fault]

why copy complete $KDEHOME, when only one file should be modified?
There's also the need to take customized $KDEHOME, $KDEDIR and $KDEDIRS
into consideration.  A general substitution rule without taking the relevant
group into account makes me also a bit nervous (but AFAIU this could be
fixed with a more sed magic ;)

For all KDE path stuff I would recommend
to use kde-config.  echo "only perl can parse perl" | sed s/perl/KDE/g
;).   Some useful examples in your case:

	kde-config --localprefix
	kde-config --path config
	kde-config --expand --install xdgdata-apps
	kde-config --path apps

Nevertheless I would suggest to first have a look at kdeconf_update.
It's the kde way to port incompatible changes in config files.

There are also kdereadconfig and kdewriteconfig, but if you use it
for kickerrc manipulations make sure kicker depends on kdebase-bin.

$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/{kde-config,kwriteconfig,kreadconfig,kconf_update,startkde}
kdelibs-bin: /usr/bin/kde-config
kdebase-bin: /usr/bin/kwriteconfig
kdebase-bin: /usr/bin/kreadconfig
kdelibs-bin: /usr/bin/kconf_update
ksmserver: /usr/bin/startkde

Keep up the good work!
  To me vi is Zen.  To use vi is to practice zen. Every command is
  a koan. Profound to the user, unintelligible to the uninitiated.
  You discover truth everytime you use it.
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