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Bug#271256: kdegraphics: collection package broken, because components are not available

Hi Adeodato,

in "Testing" there's a KDE Graphics metapackage (kdegraphics) 4:3.2.3-1.1 
("all" architectures). However, the actual packages (e.g. kpaint) for which 
kdegraphics generates dependencies only, are available only for i386 and 
powerpc. Therefore, "kdegraphics" really is only available for i386 and 
powerpc and shouldn't be marked available for "all" platforms. On alpha 
platform, the current situation is that apt-get update marks kdegraphics as 
updatable (from 3.2.2-1 to 3.2.3-1.1) - but broken, because the packages it 
depends on are not available. Apart from the obvious problem, that 
kdegraphics is not really currently availabe on "all" platforms (but only 
i386 and powerpc), I wonder why the kdegraphics packages haven't been built 
for the other architectures?

Hope that this makes things clearer?


Am Sonntag, 12. September 2004 14:51 schrieben Sie:
> * Andreas Feldner [Sun, 12 Sep 2004 09:41:56 +0200]:
> > It seems that no kdegraphics packages are available in version 3.2.3
> > (yet)? So, it doesn't seem sensible to make a collection-package
> > for them available.
>   hi Andreas, what do you exactly mean by the above? I'm afraid I fail
>   to understand your report.
>   thanks,

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