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CVS commit by vriezen: 

Ripped out arts volume and use kmix DCOP instead. TODO, choose mixer.

Linking against arts was huge overkill, made startup twice as slow.

However, kmix w/ DCOP has its own worries. Eg. the mixer is kicker/MixerX or
kmix/MixerX or unfindable (if kicker mixer applet still in proxy mode). 
Also, kmix doesn't update another instance of kmix.

Would be cool to put just soundcard0/setvolume/80 on a bus (hoping some mixer
will pick it up), and receive soundcard0/volume/80 if some other application
changed it.

  M +0 -20     configure.in.in   1.26
  M +6 -0      debian/changelog   1.3
  M +1 -1      src/Makefile.am   1.29
  M +2 -4      src/kmplayer_part.cpp   1.110
  M +0 -3      src/kmplayerconfig.cpp   1.95
  M +38 -119   src/kmplayerview.cpp   1.87
  M +5 -15     src/kmplayerview.h   1.37

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