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Bug#267434: This solution is wrong

> krdc doesn't work with rdesktop 1.3.1. Yes this is problem but you can 
> workaroud it by calling rdesktop directly.
> Now krdc conflict with rdesktop 1.3.1 and there is no rdesktop 1.3.2
> (see http://www.rdesktop.org - 1.3.1 is latest stable version) so you can't 
> workaroud it by calling rdesktop directly. This is much worse situation!!!

I have to agree with Petr.  This isn't a solution, it's an annulation.  

krdc is supposed to be a VNC and rdesktop client.  Declaring it in conflict 
with rdesktop removes half of its functionality, and if we still want to use 
rdesktop, it makes krdc completely unusable.  This is a solution?

And besides, krdc is just a front end.  How serious can this supposed conflict 
be?  (I admit, I haven't read the source code to find out.)  Can we not try 
to solve it, instead of declaring immediate defeat?

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