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Bug#263582: More removes


I've created NMUs of the KDE meta-packages which accomplish all of this. 
They're at http://chrsmrtn.freeshell.org/kde. I've just updated them to 
take account of Frank Lichtenheld's latest NMU as well. Ben Burton has 
been notified about these packages, and hopefully he will upload these 
changes into testing-proposed-updates.

If you have any comments on these packages, or want any further changes 
made, let me know.

Christopher Martin

Quoting Alejandro Exojo <suy@badopi.org>:
> I hope you can remove other packages that are in the official kde
> modules, so 
> they are included in the other metapackages:
> - juk: now in kdemultimedia
> - kopete: now in kdenetwork
> - kcachegrind: now in kdesdk
> - kgpg: now in kdeutils
> - vimpart: now in kdeaddons
> - umbrello: now in kdesdk
> There are other packages, like mp3kult, that maybe should be removed
> too, because are orphaned.

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