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Bug#266478: KDE 3.3 is not released by upstream, and unfit for sarge

* Alejandro Exojo (suy@badopi.org) [040818 11:10]:
> [about kde 3.3 status]

Well, I don't mind too much whether it's released or not by upstream,
because the main issue is IMHO this:

> El Miércoles, 18 de Agosto de 2004 00:52, Andreas Barth escribió:
> > Actually, this upload should never have happened.
> OK, that's another point, but in my very humble opinion, a bug report, isn't 
> the best way for talking about that.

Well, this bug report was not meant for talking over it (for that,
there was a mail by Steve), but just for telling britney: Hey, don't
push this into sarge.

> We all know that there are pros and cons for uploading 3.3, right? Then, if 
> you want 3.2 to be in Sarge, try to justify why the cons are more important 
> than the pros.
> Again, IMVHO, the major issues with 3.2, are upstream bugs, and upstream is 
> not backporting their bugfixes to KDE_3_2_BRANCH, so it's not that bat idea 
> try to make 3.3 into sarge. It will have problems, of course, but I think 
> they will be less that 3.2.

Well, feel free to discuss with the RMs how to sort this issue out,
and if there is a way to allow 3.3 to be in sarge. However, just
uploading a new major version without even speaking with the release
team, and breaking the tiff-transition is definitly not best practice.

It's not that I prefer 3.2 in sarge - the current status is just that
3.2 is in sarge, and a mix of 3.2 and 3.3 in sarge is IMHO worse than
3.2 only. You might of course disagree to this statement.

And, as long as full 3.3 is not ready to enter sarge, there is no need
to speak about prefering 3.2. If you feel more happy with titling this
bug report "prevent a mixture of 3.2 and 3.3 in sarge", feel free to
do it.

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