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Bug#266001: I can confirm that behaviour

Adeodato Simó wrote:
> > I can confirm that bug for my setup as well. Input is taken, it get's
> > checked and afterwards I receive a message that the password check
> > went wrong.
>   what message exactly? it may not be the same problem as others' (which
>   do successfully log in but fail afterwards).

Please discard my first description, I investigated that further.
There are two behaviours that happen:

1. Roughly the same as in the original report. The kdm login screen comes
up but all keyboard input is locked. I cannot switch to ttys and if I
click into a field to type in my password the system freezes for roughly
five seconds (even the clock stops during that time) and kdm seems to reset.
The mouse is working perfectly. If I select "console login" and startup
X with startx KDM starts just fine. 

2. KDM works just fine and no problems occur. I can reproduce both behaviours
by booting several times but I'm unable to see a pattern behind this.

May this be a subtle race condition in one of the underlying libs? I'm
running Kernel 2.6.5.


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