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Bug#265920: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#265920: kdm 3.3 is deleting /var/run/xdmctl (causes problem under selinux))

hi there adeodato,

then this needs to be made the default behaviour in the kdm package!

it is unfortunately unreasonable to expect ordinary
people using SE/Linux to go editing policy files, creating
/var/run/xdmctl/.keep or to edit anything in /etc/kde3 at all.

you are of course entitled to close this bug however you may wish to
remain aware that as the number of Debian / SE/Linux / KDE users goes
up, the number of reports of problems like "i upgraded and now i can't log
in" will also go up.

it is fortunate that i was able to track this because i understand

other users will not be so fortunate: they will likely give up, or
worse, do something horrible to their SE/Linux policy files.


On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 12:48:10PM -0700, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
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> #265920: kdm 3.3 is deleting /var/run/xdmctl (causes problem under selinux),
> which was filed against the kdm package.
> It has been closed by one of the developers, namely
> Adeodato =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sim=F3?= <asp16@alu.ua.es>.
> Their explanation is attached below.  If this explanation is
> unsatisfactory and you have not received a better one in a separate
> message then please contact the developer, by replying to this email.
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> Subject: Re: Bug#265920: kdm 3.3 is deleting /var/run/xdmctl (causes problem under selinux)
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> * Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton [Sun, 15 Aug 2004 19:36:19 +0100]:
> > the directory is being deleted and recreated.
> > whilst this makes it nice and easy for dealing with sockets in it,
> > it makes for an impossible situation for selinux.
> > the issue is that kdm will have to be given both unlink and write access
> > to /var/run, in order for /var/run/xdmctl to be deleted and recreated.
> > neither of these things are desirable.
> > this behaviour was not present in kdm 3.2.X.
>   you have two options:
>     # touch /var/run/xdmctl/.keep
>   kdm will refrain from unlinking the directory, then (checked).
>   set, in /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc, FifoDir to some directory which you don't
>   mind being created and unlinked on each kdm start-stop cycle. e.g.
>   FifoDir=/tmp/xdmctl.
>   I'm closing this bug, since I can't see why at least one of these
>   options won't work for you.
>   thanks, and please write back if this doesn't solve your problem,
> -- 
> Adeodato Sim?
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