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Bug#266078: depends on libbluetooth1 and libgnokii2

Package: kaddressbook
Version: 4:3.2.3-1

The package depends on libbluetooth1 and on libgnokii2. But kaddressbook can 
be usefull without having bluetooth or a nokia handy.

I suggest to change these dependencies into recommendations or in case this is 
not possible to split the package in two packages
  Package: hello
  Version: 1.3-16

  When I invoke `hello' without arguments from an ordinary shell
  prompt it prints `goodbye', rather than the expected `hello, world'.
  Here is a transcript:

  $ hello
  $ /usr/bin/hello

  I suggest that the output string, in hello.c, be corrected.

  I am using Debian GNU/Linux 2.2, kernel 2.2.17-pre-patch-13
  and libc6 2.1.3-10.

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