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Re: Bug#265852: openoffice.org-mimelnk: Could not upgrade to latest release because of file conflicting

clone 265852 -1
reassign -1 kdelibs-data
severity -1 serious


Christian Perrier wrote:
> Package: openoffice.org-mimelnk
> Version: 1.1.2-3
> Severity: important
> I hope this hasn't already been reported...IF so, sorry for this : I found
> no trace in the BTS but did not check deeply, though.
> I prefer reporting than ignoring...we're in a release process, after all..:-)
> Unpacking replacement openoffice.org-mimelnk ...
> dpkg: error processing
> /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-mimelnk_1.1.2-3_all.deb (--unpack):
>  trying to overwrite
> /usr/share/mimelnk/application/vnd.stardivision.calc.desktop', which is also
> in package kdelibs-data

what kdelibs-data is going to be installed? 3.3?

Then the braindead KDE 3.3 upload broke openoffice.org-mimelnk.

Reassign to KDE.

Calc, test your shit. You know that that may happen since 3.2 already
took files.

I won't update openoffice.org-mimlnk as long as it is not sure that 3.3
makes sarge which I hope won't happen.

And I don't want to make another 1.1.2 upload to sid....


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