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KDE_3_3_BRANCH: kdepim/debian

CVS commit by schepler: 

KDE_3_3_BRANCH was created while I was working on packaging; bring changes
back to the branch.

  A            kaddressbook.links
  A            kaddressbook.manpages
  A            kalarm.links
  A            kalarm.manpages
  A            kandy.links
  A            kandy.manpages
  A            karm.links
  A            karm.manpages
  A            kde.mk
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kaddressbook
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kalarm
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kandy
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.karm
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kcontrol-kalarmd
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kleopatra
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kmail
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.knode
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.knotes
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.konsolekalendar
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kontact
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.korganizer
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.korn
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kpilot
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.ktnef
  A            kdepim-doc-html.doc-base.kwatchgnupg
  A            kdepim-doc.doc-base
  A            kdepim-wizards.install
  A            kdepim-wizards.manpages
  A            kdepim-wizards.menu
  A            kitchensync.install
  A            kitchensync.manpages
  A            kitchensync.menu
  A            kleopatra.install
  A            kleopatra.links
  A            kleopatra.manpages
  A            kleopatra.menu
  A            kmail.links
  A            kmail.manpages
  A            kmailcvt.manpages
  A            knode.links
  A            knode.manpages
  A            knotes.links
  A            knotes.manpages
  A            konsolekalendar.links
  A            konsolekalendar.manpages
  A            kontact.links
  A            kontact.manpages
  A            korganizer.links
  A            korganizer.manpages
  A            korn.links
  A            korn.manpages
  A            kpilot.links
  A            kpilot.manpages
  A            ksync.manpages
  A            ktnef.links
  A            ktnef.manpages
  A            libkleopatra0-dev.install
  A            libkleopatra0.install
  A            libkpimidentities1.install
  A            icons/kaddressbook-16.xpm
  A            icons/kaddressbook.xpm
  A            icons/kalarm-16.xpm
  A            icons/kalarm.xpm
  A            icons/karm-16.xpm
  A            icons/karm.xpm
  A            icons/kmail-16.xpm
  A            icons/kmail.xpm
  A            icons/kmailcvt-16.xpm
  A            icons/kmailcvt.xpm
  A            icons/knode-16.xpm
  A            icons/knode.xpm
  A            icons/knotes-16.xpm
  A            icons/knotes.xpm
  A            icons/kontact-16.xpm
  A            icons/kontact.xpm
  A            icons/korganizer-16.xpm
  A            icons/korganizer.xpm
  A            icons/korn-16.xpm
  A            icons/korn.xpm
  A            icons/kpalmdoc-16.xpm
  A            icons/kpalmdoc.xpm
  A            icons/kpilot-16.xpm
  A            icons/kpilot.xpm
  A            icons/ksync-16.xpm
  A            icons/ksync.xpm
  A            icons/ktnef-16.xpm
  A            icons/ktnef.xpm
  A            man/egroupwarewizard.man
  A            man/groupwarewizard.man
  A            man/ical2vcal.man
  A            man/kabc2mutt.man
  A            man/kaddressbook.man
  A            man/kalarm.man
  A            man/kalarmd.man
  A            man/kandy.man
  A            man/kandy_client.man
  A            man/karm.man
  A            man/kdeopt.man
  A            man/kitchensync.man
  A            man/kleopatra.man
  A            man/kmail.man
  A            man/kmail_antivir.sh.man
  A            man/kmail_clamav.sh.man
  A            man/kmail_fprot.sh.man
  A            man/kmail_sav.sh.man
  A            man/kmailcvt.man
  A            man/knode.man
  A            man/knotes.man
  A            man/kolabwizard.man
  A            man/konsolekalendar.man
  A            man/kontact.man
  A            man/korgac.man
  A            man/korganizer.man
  A            man/korganizerIn.man
  A            man/korn.man
  A            man/kpalmdoc.man
  A            man/kpilot.man
  A            man/kpilotDaemon.man
  A            man/ksync.man
  A            man/ktnef.man
  A            man/kwatchgnupg.man
  A            man/sloxwizard.man
  A            patches/.cvsignore
  A            patches/02_disable_no_undefined.diff
  A            patches/03_automake1.8.diff
  A            patches/04_korganizer_makefile.diff
  A            patches/05_force_modulename.diff
  M +20 -2     .cvsignore
  M +25 -2     changelog
  M +151 -257  control
  M +23 -85    kaddressbook.install
  M +2 -0      kaddressbook.menu
  M +5 -15     kalarm.install
  M +2 -0      kalarm.menu
  M +2 -6      kandy.install
  M +4 -25     karm.install
  M +2 -0      karm.menu
  M +68 -40    kdepim-dev.install
  M +3 -0      kdepim-kfile-plugins.install
  M +5 -0      kdepim-kio-plugins.install
  M +25 -81    kmail.install
  M +2 -0      kmail.menu
  M +3 -2      kmailcvt.install
  M +9 -76     knode.install
  M +2 -0      knode.menu
  M +17 -13    knotes.install
  M +2 -0      knotes.menu
  M +26 -31    kontact.install
  M +2 -0      kontact.menu
  M +11 -222   korganizer.install
  M +2 -0      korganizer.menu
  M +3 -3      korn.install
  M +2 -0      korn.menu
  M +26 -66    kpilot.install
  M +4 -0      kpilot.menu
  M +2 -0      ksync.install
  M +2 -0      ksync.menu
  M +4 -5      ktnef.install
  M +2 -0      ktnef.menu
  M +17 -41    libkcal2-dev.install
  M +13 -15    libkcal2.install
  M +0 -8      libkdenetwork2.install
  M +2 -8      libkgantt0-dev.install
  M +1 -9      libkgantt0.install
  M +1 -0      libkpimexchange1-dev.install
  M +2 -0      libkpimexchange1.install
  M +2 -4      libksieve0-dev.install
  M +2 -34     libmimelib1-dev.install
  M +110 -214  rules
  R            kgpgcertmanager.install   1.3
  R            libkdgantt0-dev.install   1.2
  R            libkdgantt0.install   1.2
  R            man/alarmd.sgml   1.2
  R            man/ical2vcal.sgml   1.2
  R            man/kandy.sgml   1.2
  R            man/korganizer.sgml   1.2
  R            man/kpilot.sgml   1.2

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