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Re: 3.2.3-3 in sarge?

Quoting Steffen Hein <steffen-hein@gmx.de>:
> The official release plan is out:
> http://www.debianplanet.com/node.php?id=1131
> Freeze on 24. August.
> I hope it's enough time to get 3.3 into Sarge completely...

I think it's apparent that this does not leave time for KDE 3.3, which is 
only supposed to be released on August 18. Even if released to packagers 
a few days early, that won't leave time for the buildds to do their 
magic, given the problems always encountered.

What this means is that the work done so far on 3.3 must, unfortunately, 
be suspended temporarily, and all energy devoted to getting a fully fixed 
3.2.3 into Sarge.

That means:

1) No more QT uploads. 3.3.2 will have to wait.

2) Fixed kdelibs is needed IMMEDIATELY, urgency high (not just for KDE 
itself, but for the sake of all packages which need kdelibs, since it's 
not currently installable and thus all packages which depend on it fail 
in the buildds - this is a HUGE problem given that everyone is going to 
making final Sarge uploads soon).

3) The rest of KDE 3.2.3 is also needed - kdebase, kdegraphics, 
kdenetwork, etc. to fix RC bugs, including security issues, complete the 
library transitions, get Kopete working fully, add support 
for /usr/share/xsessions, etc. etc. etc. Currently we have a lot of 3.2.2 
still in Sid.

4) Any other uploads; misc RC fixes, new meta-packages, etc.

Christopher Martin

If there is anything I can do to help, I will, but aside from an 
occasional hour at an Internet cafe, I'm stuck on a public dial-up 
machine (vacation/field-work), so I may be limited to testing/bug-
filing/buildd admin nagging, etc.

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