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Bug#261753: kdelibs4: application associations never get saved

On Wednesday 28 July 2004 01.53, Ivan Nestlerode wrote:
> KDE doesn't seem to save my appliaction associations for PDF. I'll
> describe the scenario in more detail.

I can confirm the bug, since it happened to me too.

> Out of the box, KDE doesn't seem to know what to do with a .pdf file.
> When I click on one of them on my Desktop, I get a window to pick the
> application to open it with. I select '/usr/bin/xpdf'.

If you install kghostview or kpdf then KDE can open .pdf files with those. 
But I also prefer xpdf.

> I also check the box "Remember application association for this type of
> file".
> Then I click Ok.
> A window appears that says "Updating System Configuration" with a
> percentage bar. It fills up to 100% and disappears. The PDF opens in
> xpdf.
> However, nothing was saved apparently. If I close xpdf, and click on the
> .pdf file again, I get exactly the same dialog that wants me to chose
> what application to open it with again.

I have found a way to workaround the problem. If you place self 
made .desktop file in your $HOME/.kde/share/applnk/ directory, then it can 
be easily added to other programs.
I'm attaching the file I made. I have put it in 
$HOME/.kde/share/applnk/Graphics because that's the place where the KDE 
3.1 put it. (I think that this bug is related to the transition to the new 
xdg desktop file specification.)


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