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kdenonbeta/kdedebian/kapture [POSSIBLY UNSAFE]

CVS commit by mornfall: 

Work on DPkgPM in lib{c,k}apture. Reimplement the script invokation in
libcapture, make it modular and possible to override the fork/exec (as
is the case with dpkg now). The WithPkgs variant is as-of-yet disabled,
but being worked on. The invocation seems to work... libkapture
overrides will follow.

  M +123 -21   libcapture/dpkgpm.cpp   1.5 [POSSIBLY UNSAFE: printf]
  M +7 -1      libcapture/dpkgpm.h   1.3
  M +2 -23     libkapture/dpkgpm.cpp   1.9
  M +3 -3      libkapture/dpkgpm.h   1.5

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