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Bug#227538: kdelibs: mixed results on 3.2.2

On Sat, Jun 26, 2004 at 04:20:12AM +0200, Dominique Devriese wrote:
-snip patch-
> > I haven't heard anything about this bug in a while. Does this patch
> > work? 
> I'm pretty sure it fixes the problem, yes.
> > Has been applied to packages that have been released?
> It's committed in pkg-kde/kdelibs, but apparently it's still not in
> any uploaded kdelibs version.  Chris must have missed this simple
> patch...

Its not committed in the main tree afaict, where is it? I will add it to
the next upload if it seems to help. I think someone told me before what
changing this patch does but it doesn't seem to be in the bug log. The
way it currently is seems to work for me, what bug do you see with this

calc-amd64:~# kde-config --path config



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