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Bug#252928: Why did you lower the severity of #252928?

Chris Cheney writes:

> I am really fatigued (I think I may not have ever gotten well yet)
> so I don't really want to start a flamewar. Here is a more full
> quote and more fully explains the situation. The situation with
> apollon is not the same as the wine issue. The wine issue was that
> old already in Debian stable versions of wine would break with new
> libc6. apollon if it exists in Debian stable already (I didn't
> check) would not work anyway since it would be compiled against KDE
> 2.2. I'll let domi and you hash this out the rest of the way, I need
> to lay back down.

Hm, right, didn't notice this.  Anyway, the question comes down to
what combinations of versions we support.  There are two situations in
which people would suffer from the bug:

1 people who have mixed unstable/testing environments, due to partial
  upgrades, or apt pinning
2 the situation where the new kdelibs reaches testing, and the new
  apollon doesn't.

Debian doesn't officially support the first group, and the second
situation is not all that likely.  However, adding the conflict
doesn't very much overhead, except for the fact that if we start doing
this for every such situation, we'll end up with a hell of a lot of

Anyway, I'd say to just add the conflict, we can easily remove it
afterward.  In the past, there have been kdelibs-data conflicts for
problems outside of kdelibs as well.  Ok if I commit this to pkg-kde,
calc ?


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